Monday, June 22, 2009


Today the sun is out and the sky is blue. Little white fluffy clouds are scattered about, and the mountains are purple and green. What a beautiful day.

Since the weather has been so rainy, most of my plants are in shock. I think it's funny that they have gotten too much water. All my plants are intended for a dry climate and some of them have turned a little brown. Not dried up brown, but too moist brown. This week they should perk up a bit with the warmer, dryer weather.

I have been talking to Mike about going to visit my Auntie Cathi in Washington state. While there, I want to take my kids to the Hoh rain forest. I went there when I was a teenager, it was pretty amazing. I have been in 2 different rain forests. One in South America and one in North America. They are so different from each other. In South America there were bugs and bugs and more bugs. Bugs that would eat the skin on your legs before you even knew they were there. Sticky bugs that would fly into your hair, then you would have to cut them out before they built a bug nest in your braids. Bugs that glowed, slimy ones, bright ones. Florescent toads (or maybe they were frogs), mosquitoes,etc. If I had been looking at that rain forest on film it would have been much more enjoyable. The Hoh rain forest was so different. Tons of vegetation in every nook and cranny imaginable, but there weren't any disgusting, slimy, hot, humid, gamy, bugs that drove you to your wits end. Needless to say, I am absolutely fine never visiting a hot, humid rain forest again. I hope they will always be there, but I never want to be in one again. The cooler rain forest would be great though! Hopefully we will make it up there this summer. I know it would be a great vacation for the kids, and I know I would love it too.