Thursday, May 15, 2008

San Fran, California

I recently went to Cali with my sis in laws and mom in law. I had a blast. We had to stay over an extra night because we were flying stand by and our flight filled up, but it all worked out. Imagine, there were 8 ladies, all of us have kids. We all had to call our husbands and tell them to take an extra day off of work because we wouldn't be home from our party for another 24 hours. As badly as I felt, I didn't feel badly enough to find a different way home.

I hope we can do this kind of thing again. It was really great. I got to do things I had never done before- Alcatraz, China Town, Japan town, hang out with the in laws (without the threat of being ditched for a computer game!)

Thanks to Kaelynn who arranged all the flights and hotel. It was a blast!

Mike says "wat up yo?! how bout those David's?" (He's been watching too much American Idol). We just call it AI around here. Go David A!

New information, you should take note and be there or be square. Here is a list of our summer concerts Harps on a Ledge:
July 21st, 8pm- Thanksgiving Point Children's Garden Amphitheater
Aug 6th, SUU Music Hall
Aug 8th, Tanner Amphitheater in Zion National Park
Aug 9th, Tuacahn

I will post our great publicity photos soon!