Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Wheels :)

I know, I am behind schedule . . . Sam is in first grade and I haven't taught her to ride a 2 wheeler yet. But, today I did it. She is on 2 wheels and she loves it. She said, mom, this is way more fun without the training wheels. I have to plug a really cool bike I bought for Andrew. It's called the Strider. It doesn't have any training wheels or pedals. It's supposed to teach kids how to balance better. After riding her bike around the circle a bunch of times, Sam got on Andrew's strider bike ONCE, figured out she could balance and asked to have her training wheels taken off. It was a great suggestion from Char and Andy- thanks guys :) For some reason the video won't post. Too bad, it's really cute.
p.s. Drew likes his bike too :)

This weekend has been beautifully sunny. This week has been full of wonderful things. I am grateful for my kids, my sweetheart, my family, my health, forgiveness, the ability to give and receive love, love love. Smooshy smooshy, cheesy, cheesy, but it's all true :)