Wednesday, June 24, 2009


There is something about the emotion of safety. It is beyond a state of being, more than an adjective, it is a necessary fundamental of life. So many of us, at some point in our lives experience life without the fundamental element of safety. When I had someone close to me pass away, I felt unsafe. A broken heart can make you feel unsafe. Living conditions, emotional trauma, and our fears can make us feel unsafe. When Mike was in Iraq I felt unsafe. I was tied to him emotionally as much as I could be from thousands of miles away, sometimes when we were on the phone together the alarms would start blaring and he would have to go take cover. Many times, I wouldn't hear from him for days after that. Loved ones left behind in wartime know that no news is good news. In any case, I felt unsafe during those many many months. Most people don't throw themselves into an unsafe environment just for fun, usually people find themselves there not knowing how they got there, and not having the means to fix it. So many people have taken refuge from tyranny in this country, and this state. They have come here to protect their children and themselves from further persecution. Today, I have felt a huge amount of gratitude for safety. It is something I overlook on a day to day basis, and that is because I have been able to live and grow in a place where safety is abundant. I am grateful for safety.

(side note, I know we need to protect ourselves and our children from predatory people and things)


Solomon and Kerry said...

Wow... very insightful! Thanks!