Thursday, June 18, 2009


When working on something for a long time, it is an amazing feeling when you finally have a breakthrough. Even though I am tired and I still feel lost, the breakthrough is great!

I need to have a breakthrough with Samantha. Her stubbornness is tireless and she wears me out. Remember the Olivia books? Samantha is my Olivia. She is stubborn, creative, messy, loving, emotional, sweet . . . I haven't yet figured out how to communicate effectively with her. I realized yesterday that she and Mike are so much alike. What does this say about my communication with Mike? It isn't the greatest, but it is getting better. I think he would agree with me. I have always said Emily and Mike are alike, but this is not true. Emily and Mike have such a good time together, they like to play Wii together, and go to movies together, I think they really enjoy each others company. But as far as personalities go, Samantha and Mike are more alike than I realized. The look in their eyes has this sad, yet beautiful quality- it is deep and full of emotion. Hmmm, puzzling. This will definitely be a topic that I will roll around in my mind for a while.


Madigan Family said...

I think you should name your blog Rachel's Revelations

Kerri said...

I have always admired the special relationship Mike & Emily have. He seems to genuinely enjoy being with her.

mills5 said...

Sara, that is a good one. I will have to think on it. I don't think I have revelations, but it has a nice ring. Thanks for the suggestions!