Wednesday, June 10, 2009

25 Things I am Grateful For

I am copying an idea from a friend, but this is a good thing to do from time to time.
1. Emily
2. Samantha
3. Andrew
4. Beautiful music
5. Summer rain
6. Mom and Dad
7. Brothers and Sisters
8. Life's lessons, hoping we don't have to learn the hard ones more than once.
9. Headache remedies
10. Aunties- I have 2. They have both loved me so much all my life.
11. The ability to forgive- I wish I was better at forgetting.
12. Being forgiven- I don't know if people forgive me for lame stuff I do and say, but I sure hope so.
13. Shelter from the storms
14. Comfort and safety
15. Education
16. Knowledge
17. Supportive friends
18. Happy memories
19. Modern photography to capture those happy memories
20. Nieces and Nephews- I love you guys so much
21. Good books
22. Nice text messages
23. Fragrant flowers- the Iris are in full bloom, I can smell them from the other side of the house.
24. Healthy bodies (and minds?)
25. Our Savior

Many things on this list might be different from one day to the other. It is hard to stop at 25.