Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Running! and a bum knee.

I have always enjoyed running. Wait, that's not all the way true. I hate running, then I start doing it, then I can't give it up, I start loving it, then my bum knee gives me trouble, I stop running, get out of the habit, and I hate it again, and the cycle starts all over again, hate it, start it, love it, hurts, stop, hate, start, love, hurt, stop, etc. Running makes my legs look amazing, gives me some kind of high that I would guess is comparable to some kind of amazing feel good drug, brings me spiritual and emotional peace, and it's free! Right now I am at the in between stages of hating it and trying to figure out how to get started again because I know I will love it. Last summer I ran a bunch of 5ks, but most importantly planned on doing my first relay race. My team was super strong and ran at a good pace. I was no question, the weak link. Earlier in the summer I injured my knee (again) and wasn't able to continue training like I had planned. I was so disappointed about my ability to run when the race day came around. It was a very difficult course with huge elevation changes, temps ranging from freezing to sweltering heat, from deserted mountain to no shade dessert. I had organized a team, paid my dues, made rad team jerseys (with the help of the Mr.) I decided to run the relay despite the injury; it was painful, it was hard, it was long, but it was empowering. I'm so glad I did it, and I'm so grateful for team mates who gave me the courage to keep going. This summer and spring will be a 5k summer. The shorter distance will be better for my lame knee, but I won't be giving it up all together. I know the routine, it's going to be super hard at first, I will hate it, but if I stick with it, I will start loving it again. Here's to the loving it part! This photo is of the ladies of our relay team, Cliff Cats, Staring in the dark hours of the early morning.