Friday, January 4, 2013

I have kids. They have started complaining that I don't tell them stories about myself, it's not in my nature to talk about myself. I mostly ignore this blog, but since it is here already, and it is called "Mostly My Journal" I am going to start posting more entries. My kids can read about me, and I will start writing things down. In recent years, I have had the privilege of reading letters my grandparents wrote to each other, their siblings, parents, and friends. The letters have impacted my life so much. Their strength of character, everlasting love, enduring forgiveness, priceless experiences, and even the things that may have seemed mundane to them, have had meaning to me. Those letters have shown me the importance of keeping a personal history. Recently, I have also had the opportunity to talk with my mother in law a little bit about her childhood. Her story is full of courage yet heart breaking. I hope she will write her story. She is an amazing example of breaking the mold, and beating the odds. I have a new respect for her. Let's share our stories! We can learn so much from each other.