Friday, February 29, 2008

Story Telling Festival

Emily has entered a story telling competition. Without my involvement, she entered, wrote a story, then said to me that she hopes I can come to her school to see her tell her story. I had to call the school to figure out what she was talking about. There were 12 kids from her grade that entered, she is one of 3 finalists. She is working on her story this week a little more to add some detail and length to it, (by recommendation of the judges). I am impressed with how she has taken the recommendations, and hopes she does well next week when K-3 grades compete against each other. The one finalist from that group will go on to the next level and compete against students from other schools. What a great experience this is for the kids who have participated.


Ben & Britt said...

Emily is old enough to write!! Rachel your kids are seriously adorable. I can't believe how big Emily is though. It looks like things are still going well for you and you are still teaching harp. I miss hanging out with you guys (especially in prep for those awful musicianship tests). Thanks for sharing your blog!

Molly said...

Rachel! You have some very cute kids! Sounds like you are loving life and being a mom. I miss all of you Smith people!! Hope I run into you again at Costco...only this time I will be looking for a cute mom with THREE?!? kids...crazy!!