Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not too fancy and really cold

We recently discovered the children's books about Fancy Nancy (thank you to Becki and Eva). We now read about Nancy Clancy aka, Fancy Nancy everyday. She has a "posh puppy" and Sam really likes the sound of that. (We already have a high maintenance dog named Penny).

I love Wednesdays. They are all about my kids. Sam and Emily both have dance, then Emily has piano. I don't teach at all in the afternoon on Wed, and I get to chat with good friends while waiting for the girls in the dance classes. Today we made the mistake of walking to dance. Even though it is just a block or so away, it was so cold today, we were only half way there before the chill got to Samantha. She almost didn't make it she was so upset. We are looking forward to Saturday. Hopefully we will stay home, stay warm, get a lot accomplished, have a good time together, and not get sick (lately that is what weekends have been used for).

I recently joined an online book club called I have enjoyed reading people's book reviews and seeing what my friends are reading/have read so much that I check the site several times a day just to see if anyone has added anything. I also love seeing what my nephews and nieces are reading. I feel like I understand them more when I see that we have read the same book and both enjoyed it.