Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Seat Belts

I have this cute little car. It is fast, and fun to drive. It has enough seat belts for my family, but my family is growing up and they are so squished in the back seat. I know I won't be getting a new car in the near future, but it would be great to have that happen. We travel so often it is nice to drive a car that has a great turning radius, super easy to parallel park, and gets decent gas mileage. Although, being able to put each kid on their own row, or even in a wider seat would be so nice for all these long drives we can't seem to go without. I would love to try out an electric Suburban or Expedition. Haha, of the two, I would chose the Ford. Why? Well because my taxes aren't going towards their bail out. In any case, I love my car, but wish it was wider. Any mom with kids filling up the backseats can relate to the craziness that happens when siblings poke, sing, spill, elbow, steal, color on, etc each other. A few more inches between the kids would be helpful in avoiding distracted driving. Okay, this is my new angle- I need a bigger car to avoid being distracted while driving. It is a safety issue after all.


Our Family said...

SO TRUE! My kids are getting to big for the backseat of the van. Their legs are in their laps and they feel they need the larger middle seats leaving our little one in the back alone. I don't know how I feel about that but oh well.

Mike said...

We have been driving an EXCURSION since 2003! Talk about driving a BUS! But what else can you fit 6 kids in comfortably these days AND tow a 30 foot trailer? It was nice to see FORD pass on the bail out as well.