Saturday, April 24, 2010

Side by Side

Last night I laughed so hard I burned calories. Whoever coined the phrase, laughter is the best medicine was not that far off. I have felt the far reaching, healthy effects of my laugh attack last night, all day today. When I watched The Gods Must Be Crazy, I felt the same way. I walked away with a sore stomach because I laughed so hard in that movie. I am not comparing the movie I saw yesterday with The Gods Must Be Crazy, but the hilariousness had the same effect on me. I love laughing. One of the reasons I like to be with Mike is because he usually is making me laugh about something. We were sitting on the same side of the booth. (He was confused when I sat next to him because the table was set to sit across from each other. At first he tried to be accommodating and move to the other side of the table, but when I wouldn't let him get out of the booth he and the waitress both looked at me like I was crazy.) So, there we were sitting rather close on the same side of the booth, looking at our menus. We laughed about a lot of things, because we talked to each other, not from across the table, but side by side- non confrontational, good conversation. When was the last time that happened? When we went running together, we ran side by side, and talked to each other through our "trying to catch your breath" type breathing you get when you run, when we drove to Cali we sat side by side and chatted the whole way. I honestly can't think of a good conversation we have ever had when sitting across from each other. The side by side conversations have been so much more meaningful and connected than the one's from across the table. The jokes are more fun to laugh at when you are sitting next to the other person laughing, it's easier to hold hands, kiss, put your arm around, whisper into ears, etc when you sit next to each other. Side by side, it is one of my favorite things.


Elizabeth said...

Side by side is really nice. And I'm totally curious about what movie you saw that made you laugh so hard.

mills5 said...

I went to see Date Night. I can't say that I recommend it though. But, if you want a laugh and you don't care that much what you are laughing at, then it is the movie for you. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey should do a few more comedies together. They were hilarious- especially as the suburbs couple with kids. I keep laughing about things that remind me of something from the movie, and I can't even look at Mike and tell him what I am laughing about because he didn't see the show with me. Well, I guess I will just have to go sit by him in the theater so we can laugh together :)

Our Family said...

So true! I rarely sit across from Derrek because I am so easily distracted and I cannot focus on him. Side by side we can laugh about the same distracting things and talk more personally.