Thursday, March 4, 2010


I just committed to being on a relay race team! I haven't ever done anything like this before, but I am really excited. It is a Ragnar Relay. I am behind on the training schedule, so I will have to make up the difference somehow. Scared and excited. This should be good.

I miss my students so much. I normally would have taught lessons tonight; if felt strange to not tune the harps, arrange the music on the stands, settle my kids, etc. Moving to this town was the right thing, I know it was- otherwise I couldn't have done it. But it is pretty dang hard. But, . . . there are much harder things.

Mike is stuck in a snow storm half way to Lehi. He decided not to brave the weather anymore and is ducking low in his truck, working on homework, and trying to get some rest before the morning. So, now I can't sleep because I am worried about him staying warm, and driving safe in the morning. I am making that same drive tomorrow afternoon. I sure hope the weather lets up for us. And I can't wait to get a phone call from Mike saying he made it to his destination.

The joys of moving. We moved into a house that was already full of stuff, that stuff is being carefully packed up and stored away. This has been a challenging few days. I still can't find Emily's tennis shoes!! She doesn't mind since there is muddy snow on the playground at school. I had hoped to have so much more done by this weekend than I do. Progress is certainly being made though. You can see the pantry floor! Anyone who has been in this house knows that the floor in the pantry hasn't been seen for many years. The base boards are actually white, not brown, and the stair well hasn't been painted yet, I just scrubbed the walls! Oh, and yes, the toilets are white- just in case anyone forgot, they are supposed to be white, (they weren't white when I moved in, ooo gross.) Like I said, progress is being made. Samantha is really good at washing floors- this is a new discovery. Emily is really good at setting up bedrooms, this is a great help. And, Andrew really likes chocolate milk- new discovery.

This photo is of us eating dinner last night. What a funny dinner we are having- the pantry wasn't unpacked yet so our food options were very limited. I let the kids pick what ever they could find, within reason, because I hadn't found so much of my kitchen stuff. Luckily, the most commonly used items in the kitchen have been located and have a home where they can be found for tomorrow.

My warm bed is lonely. I am going to get in it :)